Ashling McCarthy

I’m Ashling McCarthy: a diverse creative who writes, paints, and facilitates social change.

Some journeys start with a packed car, a thermos of coffee, and a clear route to a definite end in sight. Others, start tentatively, with a series of seemingly unconnected waypoints to an unimagined destination.

This was my journey, and it was only when I reached my 30s did I fully understand how each waypoint provided me with the necessary knowledge, skills and empathy, for the work ahead.

Graphic designer, craft developer, anthropologist, non-profit founder, writer. While they might appear to be unconnected, the next step only occurred because of the one before it, and each continues to influence my work.

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“There is something very special about this book. There aren’t many authors that make you want to slow down, savour each and every word, but Ashling McCarthy is one of those rare breeds.”

Anjulie. Amazon review.

“I find your art very human, very moving. Makes me feel interested, connected, I want to stand and look.”

Cara. United Kingdom.

“When you shared with me that your reference is from your personal experience with the work you do, that really touched me.”

Nomnotho. South Africa.