Ma Dudu – Sold

The first thing you notice about Ma Dudu is her face; it is expressive, open and quite frankly, radiant. She has a mischievous sense of humour and laughs often. Although she faces a number of physical challenges, Ma Dudu is always at the craft workshops, weaving away with the rest of the group. We see her walking along the sandy roads of KwaJobe, a bag of ilala in one hand.

The groups is made up of mainly older women. When we ask why their daughters are not learning to weave, they laugh (and sigh) and tell us that young women want real jobs, with a proper salary. Earning an income from craft is not reliable, and much effort goes into an activity that yields little financial rewards. Thirty (30) % of earnings from prints sold of this artwork will go to developing workshops on income generation strategies for the KwaJobe craft group.

100cm x 70cm | 39.37in x 27.55in

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