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Love it or hate it, the song Jerusalema, has been the soundtrack to a very difficult year. Dance challenges swept the globe: some brilliant, others painful to watch.

The one that caught my attention was by the African Kids dance crew in Tanzania. It has had 25 million downloads, yet not a peep of recognition in their home country.

I found the crew on Instagram and we discussed a painting I had in mind that might help them raise money for equipment, and other needs. According to director, Nakam, life hasn’t been easy for the dancers, both personally and professionally.

There are days when there’s no transport money, or money for location fees to shoot videos. Nakam feels frustrated as a team leader who would like to do more for his group, but can’t.

Seventy (70) % of earnings from prints sold of this artwork will go to the African Kids dance crew.



Oil on canvas



1.2m x 84cm | 47.24 x 33.07in