The Leopard in the Lala (Book 2)


It’s been a year since Nonhle Ngubane was held hostage on a windswept mountain by two crooked and murderous men. She’s settled into her new job at The Last Outpost Lodge and her greatest concern is whether the man she loves, feels the same way.

While she contemplates matters of the heart, the rhino poaching war continues to escalate and kingpins are partnering with corrupt judges. Her friends, Thomas McKenzie and Senzo Mdletshe, find themselves fighting a daily battle to keep the poachers at bay.

Then Nonhle discovers that leopard populations are also under attack. While their skins are worn with pride as a symbol of power and royalty across the African continent, farmers destroy leopards that threaten their livestock, and big game hunters offer illegal hunts to paying guests.

When a university acquaintance unexpectedly arrives in Zululand, Nonhle finds herself involved in a case that brings the past roaring back into her present.

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