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Between 2017-2019 I worked with a team of researchers on The Narratives of Home and Neighbourhood project. An NRF funded research project through the Urban Futures Centre, in Durban, South Africa, it was encouraged creative methodologies. Shared Spaces is from an image captured during fieldwork in Quarry Road West informal settlement.

During the COVID19 lock down, I’ve thought often of the people living in informal settlements. Luxuries like space, indoor ablutions, and more than adequate shelter, are slim-to-none. It is sobering and humbling. A lesson learnt from our research was the incredible community spirit and neighbourliness that is shared among residents (and the established community surrounding QRW). Far more than I have ever experienced in my community. To learn more about this project (and other sites researched), visit here and click on Quarry Road. For the full PDF version of the research, click here.

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